Banh-mi Taco | Bánh Mì Taco

Banh-mi Taco | Bánh Mì Taco

Banh-mi Taco | Bánh Mì Taco
(Prep time 10-15 mins)
Your choice of meat, flour tortilla, green leaf lettuce, pickled daikon & carrot, cucumber, and cilantro. Topped with house special mayonnaise. Served with sour cream and limes. Meat Options: grilled beef, grilled pork, BBQ pork, or grilled chicken. | Thịt tùy chọn, bánh tortilla, xà lách, củ cải chua, dưa leo, ngò, và sốt bơ. Dùng với sốt kem chua và chanh.

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